Things to Avoid in Your Diet to Stay Fit without Really Going on Diet!

It’s a well-known fact that fighting fat and obesity has been an issue for decades together. People from different walks of life try out different techniques to combat the problem.

It is a shame that most of the foods that are a turn out to be some of the worst food items in regarding calories and fat.

Despite knowing that these kinds of food do no good to the body, it often becomes very difficult to resist them, especially when you go out to malls, food courts or grocery stores.

In order to lose fat quickly, people often take up crash diets that again only harm the body as not eating is never a great solution to weight loss.

It becomes important that people smartly pick what goes inside their mouth and then there hardly will be need of any light or crash diet plans.

It is important to keep in mind that you diet must not exceed around 2,000 calorie/day, which again should not contain over 66 gms of fat, 2,400 milli gms of Sodium, a total of 300 gms of carbohydrate, including the daily sugar intake.

Here are 5 such food items that should be consciously removed from the diet to remain fit and healthy for a long time without actually going on a rigorous diet

Fat-Free Food Items or Low Fat Diet

Tasty food without calorie or low calorie food is the way to go, if you don’t want those tires on your tummy!

Now that is very difficult practically; however, you must not forget the fact that you’d always pay a price for these unhealthy choice.

For example, in a reduced calorie peanut butter, the number of peanuts is replaced with sugar.

Fat contains 9 calories/ gms while sugar contains only 4 calories/gms.

This way you do not get even with the fat source that is healthy.
Stay Away from Pasta

Yes! Pasta is delicious but is one of the worst food items in terms of calorie count.

It contains high levels of calories and carbohydrates. Picture this – just 2 ounce of served pasta contains over 75 calories and this doesn’t include meatballs, bread or cheese that normally comes with pasta.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurts that can be seen some of the self-serve establishments are none better than ice creams.

In fact, they are getting worse as these kinds of establishments serve a huge ball to the customers in which they serve themselves with the fatty toppings as add-ons.

Needless to say, the limit of intake goes for a toss and people often end up stuffing themselves with these yogurts and taking in a lot of calories, sugar and fat.

Cheese and Butter

Now this is no discovery for anyone. We all know cheese contains all kinds of problems with daily products possible.

They are very high on calories and fats. Of course it does contain protein as well, but it is always advisable to go for alternate protein sources than cheese.

Butter is even worse, as almost all of it is made of fats; 5 grams of butter contains 36 calories.

Fiber Bars

So you thought the fiber bars are healthy snacks? Well, the bitter reality is that these all popular tasty bars are full of sugar and fat and fiber is merely added later on, just to make it easy for the manufacturer to promote them as fiber bars.

Fiber is actually the king in the world of nutrients and they should be taken from whole grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables and not from these fake fiber bars.

So, keep away from these 5 things, and never include them in your daily diet if you want to stay fit & healthy.


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